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"Who knew that health had anything to do with what we feed our bodies. Thanks for making this a strong point with us, and for the results that it has shown. Our family is so much better off since following your directions."


 - Rob Hall

   Natural Medicine Graduate

"I decided to try (LED) Lipo before a wedding that was coming up in 3 weeks. I had not seen some of these folks in years and I didn't want to go with flabby thighs and arms. The staff worked with me to make a plan for the results I needed. I could not believe the difference after just 4 sessions. I lost inches off of my arms and thighs and my skin was much smoother - no more cellulite! I'm in my late 40s and there is no ways I could have gotten those results in under 3 weeks even with surgery. Very happy!"


 - Sandy K.

   LED Lipo Client

"This is AMAZING. I tried it out and I could tell a difference in my waist immediately! The staff was very nice and took the time to explain everything. The spa was very relaxing and was exactly what I needed."


 - Gina J.

   LED Lipo Client


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